HOP Alpha Course

Alpha course was been established by Nicky Gambel, which was done for the sake of his church (Holy Trinity Brompton Church, UK) which was spiritually dead and after this course there was revival in the church. Once this church which was empty, today the church has to conduct many services because of the heavy church growth. To this day this course is used around 170 countries in the world.

In the plan of God as leaders of HOP we had attended the training conference of this course and from two years we are running this course among Believers and New believers. Till now 7 batches have been completed, in which places like Ahmedabad, Anand, Borsad etc were covered. Each and every individual had amazing experiences. State co-ordinator of Alpha Course gave a statement saying that “I had not seen such an amazing result of Alpha course, especially the Holy Spirit day anywhere else”. For this we give all glory to our Trinity God.