Rev. Hitesh Patelia


Rev. Hiteshkumar Patelia  – was born and brought up in a Roman Catholic family in a village named Sanjaya (Gujarat).  lost his parents at the age of 3. And as life went on He studied well and by the grace of God.He completed his Masters in Quality and Productivity Management and also was able to achieve several professional certifications and worked as a Quality Professional with few companies. He heard the call of God to work in God’s kingdom through Matt 6:33 When he was at peak of his career in the corporate world. Without much hesitation He took a step of faith towards God’s call. God has blessed him according to Joshua 1:5.
Since then God has been using him for His kingdom in a mighty way by healing people from sickness and disease and delivering from the oppression of the devil. He is one of the member of the  Pastoring team at House of prayer church and also look after the Charotar area preaching the gospel and reaching the  unreached group.

Author: Silvans Shroff