Restoration & Reconsilation with same spouse


Dear prayer warriors

This is Hariprasad

please keep me & my spouse in ur prayers, i have pressed on throughout faith so faar, i started getting prophetic Christians to pray for me in holy spirit for my marriage reconsilation.
I was told not to Give up.

Please pray for me & my spouse. M going through the loneliest & toughest times ever in my life since I can’t stand separation.
It’s like i can’t live without her, can’t think of 2nd Marriage.

Eversince i repented i badly want my wife back, like to both the families together as i keep visioning to stay positive at the same time it’s so painful as such i lost her to her ex boyfriend hands due to my mistakes.

My humble request to you to keep me & wife & both the families in ur prayers. Their family members are ready to agree for Réunion only my ex needs to agree since. Although we both belong to different faith.
Plus am weak in flesh as m not that spiritual but i always pray to Jesus for Réunion

Looking forward to your reply

Please pray for us.
Thank you so much