Prayer for Marriage


Dear Brother

Loving Greetings In the Name of our Savior Jesus Christ

I am so happy to write you in this month of November 2018 I hope that You are praying for me continuous and In the month of September 2018 I have visited Mrs. Janita Joseph in Mumbai below her problems in her life so she wants to marry with me But I need your guidance and prayer I write her fully life problems which she is facing from 2007 I hope that you will pray and through your prayer we will deliver from such kind of problems and I am so much confusion what to take decision in this manner and I am not capable but doing my job in Road project and in my family I am alone and my parents died 2000 so I need your guidance and prayer following her short story

I am Janita Joseph From Andheri Mumbai I born and bought up in Mumbai I am from Roman Catholic Family I write this letter with so much sorrow is in my heart And Please Pray For me that Our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ Can deliver me in such kind of problems

I had Lost my parents and I have two sisters those who is married I have no Brother my marriage done in 2007 in Mumbai with Mr. Joseph Misquitta and at the time of my Marriage I was 18 years old and unknown about Marriage life and family life that time my Beloved mother was sick and we had not our own home so I was staying with my Aunts So my Aunts found one family for my marriage and immediately my marriage held in the age of 18 at the time of marriage in our family there was no any person who can Investigate the my Husband family about their background
In this situation in the Year 2007 My Marriage done with Joseph Misquitta and then I found that My husband Joseph is not working not doing any Job only staying at home and spent time with unnecessary things so my heart broken and i did not got the love of husband and what is marriage life I did not knew at that time after six month of marriage I started doing Job because my Husband was not working and I was pregnant and I took care of my husband and all my family member through income from my Job

In the Year 2013 due to daily fight with my husband I left my home and went to sister in Mumbai till the 2013 I became two little kids mother one son and one daughter after that I struggled lot of and in doing job because I have two kids in 2015 our church member talked with my Father in Law and discussed about me so my husband which is still don’t do job or work not came forward in church to explain condition why I left home and for which reason so after reaching at one decision my father in Law decided to call me come back that time My Father in Law gave me another home to stay with my Kids since to till this day I am at that home

But now I want to take divorce from my husband and do not wish to stay in their home provided me separate with my kids but few day ago I visited one familiar Lawyer with my Sister and the lawyer said me in Catholic rules I need to separate first and then I can file for divorce and this process can take time 2 long years but now I am not able to file for divorce because first I am not financial capable and if I file divorce then my husband family will take my both Kids showing their property in Family court I visited Bharat Solanki from Gujarat he is very good person and accepted me with my Kids but what to do further in this condition we are very confuse
I am worried for home and its deposit because in Mumbai without Deposit I cannot get any home so I am worried and please pray for me that Lord can open heavenly door for me and bless me and kids so I will be very happy

Bharat Solanki