Needing a prayer for the restoration of my marriage and of our family


My husband name is Sasidharan workes in oman now.I only been married for one year(got registered before the wedding)but I’m in a seperation for more than 5 months. He made up his mind to get separate legally.Once he has his mind set on something or has made a final decision there is no changing it.Please pray that my husband changes his mind about the divorce and will finally open up our communication again and to work on our marriage.In Jesus name Help him to know that divorce is a sin and pls destroy the thoughts of divorce from his mind about me.
Since 6 months we have not seen each other (he is in oman) and whenever I try to speak to him over the phone he is always in anger and avoiding my calls and messages.The bitterness and anger I see and hear shows that he does not want me anymore in his life.

I’m asking from god pls ask him  to  talk with me today and solve all misunderstandings between us. Lord I pray for your miracle today that we talk and solve everything and be one in jesus name.

I humbly beg for the pain of our separation to end and that we can come back together as husband and wife in Jesus name.I ask for help in prayer Dear Lord in your holy name I ask for the love of my husband back. AMEN.