My Brother’s salvation & Peace in my family


Dear Brother,
I am writing this to pray for salvation of my younger brother Rakesh Sharma (24) and peace & joy for my parents, my brother is a civil engineering graduate passed out in 2016, from his graduation to until now, he did not go any job willingly, during this 3 years he worked in 2 to 3 places for only few months and we asked him go for higher education or competitive exams that also he refused. Whenever we speak for his betterment and giving ideas, he said he do not want to work as a civil engineer and he completely avoids to works as a professional. In addition, he blames us because of us he studied civil, like that he used to speak more stupid things. Moreover, spend all his day by simply sleeping and passing the time outside from the evening to late night. Daily my parent should give money petrol and his expenses. If they denied then they cannot be inside the home. If my parents ask anything about coming late and money, immediately he start fighting with them, he never supports my parents; he is in our home only for money and other things but totally out of our control. This is the situation in my home that continuing, we are also confused of him.
Now this year, recently on a day my mother heard a phone conversation between him and so-called friend a married man (manikandan). My mother shocked and told me my brother is speaking to that man like a lover after this she immediately called our church pastor to say this matter, before she starts saying the pastor revealed that my brother is in homosexual relationship with that married man. Almost they are at a peak in their relation even that man has a wife and two children. My brother’s heart is fully filled with that person he is also a jobless and uses my brother for his money need, all the money he is getting from my parents he giving to him. My brother is fully trapped in homosexuality and the person’s polished words. My brother lost his self-thinking, he is spending more for that person, Even if my parents ask any physical help, he is refusing but for that person he is giving food, money and spending all his time and everything.
Now my parents and I are in a pathetic situation we do not know how to deal with this, whenever my parents leaving home he and the man use that as an opportunity for them to do that. For this reason nowadays my mother is hesitating even to go to the church, thinking if we go then he will make this as a chance for them to do that, same as she thought it is also happened very recently when she went to a church meeting and came home back that man and my brother was inside our mother asked to that man don’t you have any job? Why you always with him? For asking this question on the day my mother was tortured by my brother just like anything, she cannot bore the torture, she left the home and went to stay in one of our nearby relations home and came back in the morning.
When my mother told about this I felt a heavy burden and cried a lot and I start communicating with my brother on daily (usually he never speaks to me, He hates me very badly, whenever I go home for vacation he never allowed me to stay in home, always he fought and cursed me), somehow slowly I talked about sin, forgiveness, heaven, hell and exposed his sin but all the time he never listened and refused to me and I requesting to go to the church on all Sundays but he said yes to me and not went. Before he used to go church on Sundays but now, he completely stopped. And he blocked my phone number I am unable to contact him. If I say something, he took revenge on father totally lost his hope, saying whatever God allows let it be.
Day by day he is more cruel inside the home, torturing my parents by saying that he will kill them, he will mix slow poison in their food, If they advise him, he will publically make them shame and threatening my mother by saying that he will kill her by giving slow poison in food and that is his primary goal and hitting her and many arrogance he is showing inside to them, If my mother played any Christian songs or start praying immediately he start shouting some Hindu mantras and Muslim wordings by seeing internet and trying to break the Christian CDs, dancing like a devil with loud sound etc. My parents are more than 50 years of age now, the period to relax and retire but it is entirely opposite for them they lost Peace, Joy, Hope and everything struggling with by brother’s deeds now they are just living, the days they are with him now is like being with a devil for them because he is threatening them all the day and put them in a deadly fear.
In addition to this, he is saying if any of relatives disturbs or come in his way he will publically reveal and prove them as very bad and persons involved immoral conducts, and saying he is the one and only righteous persons in the family and has nothing wrong in him.
As a family, we know our brother he is beautiful and talented more than anybody in our family. God gave him everything more than me; even my parents spend more care on my brother than me. They gave him always the best than their strength they facilitated him. But Now?
To whom we will cry, who can hear us? Who will help us? we do not know why God is allowing this to us, we read something like this only in newspapers, now we are a victim. we are in a miserable situation that we are unable to disclose this to others and helpless. Now we does not want his worldly welfare but a worthy soul is drawing in to hell. Nobody is there to stop him, counsel him.
We are praying and we believe only in Jesus Christ. But He is very silent and we don’t know what is he going to do for our family, Once we are in poverty He blessed us with riches, when my father was bedridden and affected by a tumor in liver He cured. Now for my brother?
Why? God always allowing us to pass through more and more hard situations?
Does God Abandoned us?
The most overwhelming agony is, we are seeing a soul drawing towards hell and tormenting us but we are unable to do anything.