I need intercessory prayer. We all need salvation and we all need a revelation of who God is and what he can do and my sister Stephanie and my sister Diane and my dad Charles senior and my mom Phyllis Jean Larson and in addition to that we have been under attack for years with health problems and with accusations and assumptions and speculations and relationship insecurities my sister Stephanie has a husband who’s jealous and controlling he does not want me talking to her when he’s home of an evening or weekend and he does not want her mother Diane calling either I always relied on Stephanie for advice to keep me out of wrong relationships and whatever but since she married the person she has married communication with my sister Stephanie is extremely difficult We all need freed from bondage of all types and we need a closer walk with God My address is Charles Laverne Larson Junior 221 Farrington Court, Apt. 110, Lafayette, IN 47905 My phone number is 765-426-7364 PS PS it seems like the kingdom of darkness is attacking me and my weakest point because I am frustrated and discouraged over people not understanding me I don’t exercise right or anything else that I wish people understood me especially my sister Stephanie and also Stephanie’s husband gets cranky when her mother calls and does not want her talking to me when he is home on the weekends or of an evening I am told you can be jealous and controlling Stephanie also needs delivered from a variety of health problems and so does my sister Diane and so does my dad Charles senior I am a very giving person I want to give to the kingdom of God but some churches tell me that tithing has been done away with and something always happens where I cannot give as much to the Lords work as I wish I could and when I try to be nice to one of my friends or my sister Stephanie I get hit with the assumption that I’m trying to buy love or friendship and no amount of money can buy either one of those