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House of prayer is a ministry dedicated to pray for Spiritually, Physically, Mentally challenged  people and also for the people who are distressed & in great pain.

Also has same burden for the believers and the churches who are persecuted. It is a ministry led by God’s spirit with a clear vision. By the mere grace of God which brought salvation to many lost people by bringing divine healing and transformation into their live. Many had experienced God’s love and compassion  for them through this ministry.

We have a great compassion for building the kingdom of God through the preaching of repentance and faith toward Lord Jesus. Today many people, families, churches, ministries are blessed through the prayers, messages, worship, Bible study, counselling, outreach programmes and children ministry.

Lord Jesus has blessed our ministry by bringing deliverance from sickness, spiritual blindness, bondage of evil spirits and sins. Our almighty God has performed many miracles in many lives. House of prayer has a goal of reaching to the unreached and bringing God’s kingdom into lives, families and churches.

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April 16


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